CIO INSIDE SUMMIT - Christian Lund

Christian Lund – Chief Product Officer @Templafy
Christian Lund is a co-founder of Templafy, the leading content enablement platform. With over 15 years of domain knowledge, Christian helped spearhead the transition for large organizations from on-premise systems to Software-as-a-Service solutions for document content and template management. Templafy is now a global leader in its category, serving many of the largest international organizations and over 1.5 million users.
As a CPO, Christian oversees Templafy’s product organization and is responsible for connecting Templafy’s overall product strategy and vision with market intelligence and internal operational execution. Christian helps develop the product vision and is driving the product narrative to support alignment across all business units and help Templafy’s go to market activities.

How Business Enablement will power hybrid work

2020 was a challenging year for organizations across all industries. The pandemic forced businesses into a remote work situation that IT infrastructures were hardly prepared to handle. Now we look, again, at an uncertain horizon. With vaccine roll out underway, companies are evaluating a new way of working. They’re looking to take advantage of the benefits work from home offered and combine them with the power of in-person work, which has always driven meaningful business results. And unlike 2020, there is a unique opportunity to plan for the future of work which has arrived before anyone expected.

This planning starts with the critical step of re-evaluating tech stacks to ensure they can support employees in the hybrid work environment. According to recent research, while 84% of employees say they can only see the hybrid workplace being successful if the company invested in the technology to support it, over one third (35%) of employees still don’t believe their company has the right tech set up in place. In his keynote, Christian Lund, co-founder of Templafy, the leading content enablement platform, will discuss how the business enablement stack can solve the challenges a hybrid work model presents, with a focus on supporting teams in their efforts to deliver high value work. Christian will also outline the critical elements of this tech stack and how it can positively impact IT implementation and spending. With the future of work before us, now is the time to ensure that we have a tech stack to support it.